Health Source



 Health Source

We treat musculoskeletal disorders, neurological problems, pain management, pre/post operative care, 
​weight management and stress with the use of the following services either individually or jointly.

Comprehensive Health Consultations:

An individual extensive analysis of the patient’s health history, medication, supplements, nutrition, physical activity and sleep patterns for the purpose of developing the most effective customized treatment plan.


After a detailed intake, an individual point prescription will be chosen. Sterile needles will be utilized to stimulate the appropriate points to achieve a healthier emotional, mental and physical body function.

Electric Acupuncture:

Small electrical currents pass through the needles to increase the benefit of treatment for certain cases.

Tui Na:

A Chinese technique including range of motion, traction and massage that increases circulation and reduces muscle tension.


Glass cups are placed on the surface of the skin to create suction to promote the movement of blood and contribute to the healing process.


A heat modality which promotes circulation, reduces muscle tension and decreases pain.

Herbal Medicine:

The use of plants, minerals and occasionally animal products to restore and maintain balance in the body,

Eastern Nutrition:

Choosing food and food combinations to increase overall health based on the patient’s constitution.


The body is exposed to both internal and external toxins which can lead to weight gain, sleep disorders, fatigue, digestive issues and a compromised immune system.  A variety of modalities will aid in the release of bodily toxins and the restoration of well-being.